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Crafted By Zhu Huan

The gourd is one of the most widely adapted shaped in Yixing pottery. Indeed, the gourd itself has been used for thousands of years as a water vessel, so the gourd form draws on the very oldest traditions. Award-winning artist Zhu Huan brings her own sensibility to the gourd with her subtly curved pot and high-set arched spout. Achieving a perfectly thin free-moving ring fired to the pot lid at the high firing temperatures needed for this clay is just a nod from the artist to the level of detail put into every aspect of this incredible piece. Zhu Huan’s fame and dedication gets her access to incredible clay, and this rich mottled Golden Duan Ni is no exception. This gallery piece is ready for a lifetime of use and will build a beautiful patina over time.

Technical Specifications

  • form :Hu Luo Hu
  • weight :146 g
  • apprx. capacity :195 cc
  • pour time :13.75 s
  • spout to handle :12 cm
  • height :8 cm
  • diameter :8.5 cm
  • lid opening :4.25 cm
  • artist certificate :included
  • clay :Yuan Kuang Huang Jin Duan Ni
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