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Crafted By Zhu Huan

The shi piao is one of the strongest and most elegant classic forms for an yixing teapot. It is a statement of sacred geometry, of the perfect triangular relationships between each angle. Artist Zhu Huan brings her skill and aesthetic to this classic, featuring a strong fast-pouring spout and solid triangular handle. The bold face is the perfect way to show off the warm speckled nuance of Zhu Huan’s meticulously sourced and blended Golden Duan Ni clay. This gallery piece is ready for a lifetime of use and will build a beautiful patina over time.

Technical Specifications

  • form :Jing Zhou Shi Piao
  • weight :170 g
  • apprx. capacity :169 cc
  • pour time :6 s
  • spout to handle :13 cm
  • height :6.5 cm
  • diameter :9.25 cm
  • lid opening :4.75 cm
  • artist certificate :included
  • clay :Yuan Kuang Huang Jin Duan Ni
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