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Crafted By Pan Yang

Yixing artist Pan Yang is one of the most meticulous craftsmen we have had the chance to observe at work. This show-topping hexagonal teapot is a true testament to his skill as it cannot be smoothed on a wheel like a rounded yixing. Each panel needs to be carefully flattened while maintaining even symmetry. This symmetry extends into an exquisite hexagonal spout, lid and handle. The hexagon is particularly significant in mirroring the hexagons of the Chinese Book of Changes, one of the oldest and most influential texts in Chinese philosophy and religion. The yuan kuang Di Cao Ni clay has a hidden depth and subtlety that comes out over a lifetime of use.

Technical Specifications

  • clay :Yuankaung Di Cao Ni
  • apprx. capacity :390 cc.
  • diameter :10.5
  • spout to handle :16 cm.
  • height :9.5 cm.
  • lid diameter :5.8 cm.
  • weight :227.5
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