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Crafted By Peng Yuan Qing Hua

The Peng Yuan Studio achieves some of the thinnest and most lustrous porcelain we have seen in De Hua. This gaiwan shape is well-designed and easy to pour. The landscape motif is entirely hand-painted. A pattern as detailed as this landscape takes years of practice, a good eye and a steady hand. Such highly vitrified porcelain is almost completely non-reactive so the aroma of your tea can be as true as possible.

Technical Specifications

  • hand painted :yes
  • Apprx. Capacity :4-5 oz
  • height :8 cm
  • saucer diameter :10 cm
  • saucer height :2 cm
  • bowl diameter :10 cm
  • bowl height :4.5 cm
  • cover diameter :7.5 cm
  • cover height :3 cm
  • origin :de hua
  • material :porcelain

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