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Produced by he_family_farmer_badge the He Family

Mr. He’s father was one of the first farmers to ever plant tea in Laoshan Village on his family’s land at the base of Laoshan’s Taoist Holy Mountain. The He family continues this legacy as leaders in the community- picking and processing every leaf by hand, inventing new kinds of tea, and teaching their neighbors to grow tea using organic farming techniques. The He family shares their tea with the hopes of making a name for Laoshan Village.

This sample pack is a chance to try some of the finest meticulously hand-processed teas the He Family produces. For these, the He Family uses their smallest buds, choicest leaf material, and most careful processing to bring out intense nuance that defines Laoshan as one of the greatest new tea regions in the world.





Taste the He Family’s Reserve Collection

This invitation to explore the finest and most limited teas in the He Family’s collection includes their hand-processed Flat Pressed Laoshan Green, their budset 1st Picking Laoshan Black, and Mr. He’s pride and joy – his Reserve Laoshan Bilochun Green. The sample pack also includes the family’s three newest reserve collection teas: the Reserve Laoshan Oolong, Laoshan Pine Needle Green, and the new Laoshan Gongfu Black.

There is enough tea included to brew each selection three times, giving you a chance to explore different brewing methods and pairings and truly get to know the He family’s values in crafting tea.

Six 15g bags of loose leaf tea are included for a total of 3.17 ounces (90g.) of tea or 18 brewing sessions.

Laoshan's Mountain Peaks



Mr. He is always innovating, trying to find the best techniques to bring out the unique terroir of his land. This flat-pressed processing changes the flavor, the appearance in the cup and the way the tea steeps out over time. Crafting this tea is done entirely by hand, pressing all the leaves flat over hours for each tiny three to four pound batch. The processing allows the flavor of Laoshan’s mineral-rich spring water and rocky soil to really come forward. The minerality is paired with a dessert-like honey banana aftertaste and a creamy vegetal soybean flavor.



The He family only produces a small amount of their delicate Reserve Bilochun each autumn. This tea is carefully hand finished in very small batches. The result is a rich green tea full of floral marigold and chrysanthemum notes, deep vegetals, and savory toasted sesame aromatics.




This is Mr. He’s pride and joy, carefully crafted with hand-picked early spring buds, hand curled and sun roasted for three days. The He family continues to make this labor intensive tea not for the money, but to show the world that the persevering spirit of Laoshan can stand up to Jin Jun Mei and all the finest black teas out there. The soil, water, growing conditions and processing come together to make one of the most honey and chocolate laden teas coming out of China.



This is  brand new tea from the He Family. Inspired by the success with their Pine Needle Green, Mr. He decided to hand process a black tea in the same style. The result is one of the He Family’s sweetest and richest black teas ever, full of roasted marshmallow flavor, honey, and malted chocolate.




Laoshan Pine Needle Green is an innovative new tea from the He Family that is carefully hand-twisted and finished as straight pine needle shaped leaves. The careful slow processing yields a sweeter richer brew full of watercress, matcha flavor, honey and malt.



Laoshan Reserve Oolong uses the very best leaves of the harvest, which Mr. He roasts in the sun for three days and carefully hand rolls for hours to bring out the malty chocolatey flavor. The tea is sweet like honey, slightly fruity and subtly spiced like sandalwood.


Tasting Recommendations


Start with the most delicate of the three teas, the Flat Pressed Laoshan Green, and compare it to the hand twisted Laoshan Bilochun next. End with the 1st Picking Laoshan Black to see how oxidization and roast can affect flavor as the leaf material in the Laoshan Bilochun and 1st Picking Laoshan Black are very similar.


five_5_g_circleMr. He brews all of his teas as strong as possible, but his daughter Qingqing prefers a lighter, more modern brew. We recommend using 5g of leaf per infusion (5-6oz of water), which is a third of the sample bag.
brew_at_185_degrees_CThe most authentic technique is to use 185° F water for all four teas. Compared to the traditional “industry standard.” the He Family tends to brew a bit hot for greens and a bit cool for black tea. The results are worth exploring!
brew_in_pitcher_circleThe He Family uses uncovered glass pitchers to brew all four of these teas, steeping the leaves for about 15 seconds per infusion, and will continue steeping the same leaves at least six to eight times.

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Visiting Laoshan


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The Legend of Laoshan Spring Water