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Crafted By Lin Xi

This unique, one-of-a-kind cup was hand-crafted by award-winning master potter Lin Xi at his studio in Wuyishan. Lin Xi personally sources and blends true Shui Ji clay and glazing materials to exactly match original Song Dynasty pieces excavated at kilns nearby, and fires just a few cups at a time. Each cup that turns out represents hours of labor from Master Lin Xi and dozens of pieces that didn’t fire to his exacting standards. This collectors piece features an oil-spot pattern that Lin Xi has been nationally recognized for pioneering, and the elegant curves of the cup are meant to reflect the shape of a Magnolia blossom.

Technical Specifications

  • hand thrown :yes
  • hand glazed :yes
  • diameter :8.5 cm
  • height :6 cm
  • weight :166 g
  • apprx. capacity :90 ml
  • packaging :custom box
  • certificate :hand signed

Meet the Artist: Lin Xi

Master potter Lin Xi set up the Taishou Jianlou Research Institute to study Han and Song Dynasty tea culture and firing techniques. He is dedicated to reviving the lost ancient art of Jian Zhan through meticulous research, hand made glazing and clays personally excavated from Song Dynasty sites.

Unlike many studios, Lin Xi personally oversees every aspect of his work without help. As a single artist, Lin Xi makes his own glazes, throws his own cups, and fires every batch personally.

Lin Xi works with our partner Li Xiangxi and the Yangxian Institute on building Jian Zhan fit to revive the Song Dynasty style dian cha ceremony, and has won many awards for his striking work. We are excited to represent his rare and highly collectible art for the first time outside of China.


“Bo Re Zhan” 16th Annual China Art Exhibition
Traditional Arts Category Gold Medal

“Cai Shao” April 2019 Shen Zhen
Golden Phoenix Art Competition Gold Medal

“Mu Lan Zhan” June 2018 Hua Li Competition
Silver Medal



“Jian Zhan pottery is made in Shui Ji, Jian Yang, an ancient art dating back to the Han dynasty, also known as Jian Yao. It is the most famous of the eight great pottery schools of the Song Dynasty.

While Jian Zhan was fired as early as the Han dynasty, it became an imperial tribute art in the Song, offered to the emperor.

Because Jian Zhan is incredibly difficult to produce, and very few pieces fire successfully to finish, it is an incredibly costly and laborious art. Tribute quality pieces were picked from countless firings and countless individual pieces. Jian Zhan became known as “min yao, guan yong” the labor of the people, the pleasure of the court.

Song Huizong, emperor of the Northern Song elaborates on Jian Zhan in his treatise on tea Da Guan Tu Lun:  “Jian Zhan is a prized midnight blue, woven with lines of jade.”

In the Song dynasty tea competitions, Jian Zhan was the most suitable preparation vessel, and with the imperial endorsement, every Song scholarly aristocrat would part with huge sums to acquire the finest pieces. Cultured Song poets praised the refined enjoyment of Jian Zhan. During this golden age, Jian Zhan was brought to Japan where it became known as Tenmokku, a Japanese national treasure.

Jian Zhan is fire and earth, united with perfect skill, a high art in the world of pottery.”

– Lin Xi
Jianyang Jianan Taishou Jianlou Research Institute



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