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Modern Gongfu tea liberates tea ceremony from the confines of a tea board, allowing it to more fully integrate into daily life spaces, be rearranged, packed, switched out piece by piece to adjust to each tea and each season.

This Modern Gongfu set celebrates the beauty of award-winning master Lin Xi’s hand thrown Jian Zhan pottery made with clay and glazing minerals from the original Song Dynasty firing sites in Shui Ji. The gaiwan is paired with a ceramic tea boat, while the pitcher rests on a wooden seal tea boat and cups on resin and wood coasters to bring more natural elements to the set up.

A bowl is included to discard tea rinses or extra brews, and a runner frames the whole set on any table or counter.

Pitcher Capacity: 135 ml
Gaiwan Capacity: 130 ml
Cup Capacity: 50 ml
Bowl Dimensions: 16.5 x 5.5 cm
Runner Dimensions: 115 x 22.5 cm
Includes: gaiwan, pitcher, 2x cups, 2x coasters, ceramic tea boat, wooden tea boat, water bowl, runner