The He Family in Laoshan put together this set as the ideal way to brew their black teas, oolongs and new herbal teas.

He Qingqing has fallen in love with celadon over the past years when brewing her father’s famous Laoshan Black for the beautiful contrast of color between the deep red-orange of the tea and the elegant green of the glazing. The thicker celadon also retains heat well, allowing for hotter and more consistent brewing without temperature dropping in the gaiwan.

The rippled glass pitcher gives the tea a chance to show off its color in the light, shining at every ripple. The larger tea tray leaves room for back to back tastings of multiple Laoshan teas with each new harvest.

Includes one (1) celadon gaiwan, one (1) pair of dimpled celadon tea cups, one (1) hand woven handled bamboo strainer, one (1) rippled glass pitcher, and one (1) white sweeping bamboo tea tray.