This unique setup is specifically recommended by our mentor and tea grower Mr. He in Laoshan Village.

Instead of using a traditional gaiwan, he recommends using a second glass pitcher as a brew vessel so that you can see the beautiful tea leaves unfold as they brew. Glass doesn’t retain too much heat, allowing for a cooler brew.If your water is too hot, you can pour back and forth in long streams between the pitchers to cool it off quickly (and impress your guests!).

The two celadon cups accentuate the bright green color of your tea while providing a non-reactive surface to reflect true aroma. The tea board is just big enough for the setup to catch any drips and to serve as a reservoir if you choose to pour out the first steeping as a wash.

Includes two (2) glass pitchers, one (1) pair of dimpled celadon tea cups, one (1) stainless steel tea strainer, and one (1) black slatted tea tray.