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Created by Lide Manzhaya,
this gift box set is filled with 6 canisters
of reserve wild-foraged Tibetan stick incense

Lide Manzhaya’s wild-foraged reserve incense
is a contemplative incense experience, with composed resinous spice.

Manzhaya was founded with the goal of bringing Tibetan incense art back to its most ancient origins, sourcing wild-foraged spices and herbs from the Tibetan highlands around Meili Glacier National Park. While the classic incense is meant to be a cozy and constant ambient companion, this reserve-level stick is blended with rarer more resin-heavy spices for a more contemplative incense experience. This is subtle enough for smaller rooms and pairs with rich teas like shu pu’er or roasted oolong.

The aroma is deep and almost tropical with hints of ripe banana, with an undertone of frankincense, and as sweet salty after-aroma similar to kyara aloeswood. The aroma builds with saffron florals, and delicate cypress wood punctuated with spicy smoldering notes of ginger. This incense is a carefully-composed celebration of the ancient tradition behind Tibetan incense.


Includes: 6 tubes Wild Foraged Reserve Incense / 24cm each /  approximately 18 sticks
Duration: approximately 45 minutes

Ingredients: red sandalwood, white sandalwood, cardamom, aloeswood, saffron, rhodiola, fragrant savin, angelica, cinnamon, lilac and wild-fraged Meili Xueshan herbs

" Lighting incense with tea is a reminder to enjoy with leisure. It is a connection to the idea of ritual, an evocation of nature, and a celebration of our connection to history.... "

About Lide Manzhaya

An Aromatic Preparation that can be lit as incense or steeped as tea

Incense is a time honored tradition in Tibet. Incense is referenced in the Budhhist sutras and in the Tibetan book of medicine Si Da Yi Dian, with detailed notes on early methods of production and uses for incense. Ancient Tibetans had a deep understanding of herbal medicine, and burned plants specifically for their aromatherapeutic properties, and to purify the air, and clear physical and spiritual stagnation along with many other uses. People gathered every kind of precious and rare plants to blend for traditional incense preparations. Over generations of uninterrupted study and refinement, this grew into the Tibetan Incense tradition, thriving and developing alongside Buddhism.

Lide Manzhaya Incense is a medium for people to experience the spiritual, through burning at shrines, clearing out heavy thoughts, opening the mind and allowing for peaceful contemplation. It fosters better sleep, and balances out the five elements with particular efficacy.

Lide Manzhaya was founded in 2014, and began production in 2016. It is the most modern workshop for incense production in Yunnan, devoted to continuing and refining traditional Tibetan craft, preserving ancient methods without using any chemical additives; pure, clean and natural. It is suitable both for lighting as incense and drinking as an herbal tea infusion. Lide Manzhaya uses the quality of ancient tradition and the precision of modern science to push the boundaries on the craft.

The living Buddha Danzing Qunpei has distilled the essential techniques of Tibetan incense on the basis of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, and over many years put these formulas into practice through the recipes of Lide Manzhaya Incense.

Living Buddha Danzing Qunpei’s formulation includes Red Sandalwood, White Sandalwood, Cardamom, Aloeswood, Saffron, Rhodiola, Fragrant Savin, Angelica, Cinnamon, and Lilac. No chemicals are added to this herbal preparation, prepared according to the strictest and most demanding craftsmanship.