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Produced By Dongsa Cooperative

The Qianjiazhai Dongsa Cooperative was established to be a steward to the oldest tea forest in the world, wild-foraging and hand-finishing every leaf using traditional craft.

Tasting Profile

  • FRUITY – fig, dried apple
  • VERY SAVORY – toasted pumpkin, walnut
  • SPICY – tulsi, cinnamon
  • FLORAL – marigold, rose
QianjiazhaiMt. Ailao, Yunnan
Qianjiazhai AssamicaTea Varietal

While the Li Family uses sun drying to bring out rich texture and spice in their sun dried black tea, they have recently started experimenting with a light roasting process, done entirely by hand over a special wood-fired wok. This brings out much sweeter flavors in the black tea. This Dragon Pearl is made with the Li Family's hand fired black tea, closer to a traditional Dian Hong than their Sun Dried Black tea, with savory notes of honey, walnut, fig and a warming hint of cinnamon and tulsi spice.

" While Mr. Zhou is a recognized teacher of tea craft (and 4th grade cursive) in Qianjiazhai, we had the privilige to actually meet one of his own teachers, a kind but formidable woman in her mid-nineties who has mastered two distinct techniques for making Qianjiazhai’s uniquely complex and nuanced black tea... "

Steeping Instructions


4 g.6-8
use 208° watersteep 20 secondsresteep many times
add 10 sec. each infusion


5 g.6  oz.use 208° watersteep 6 seconds
add 3 sec. per steeping
enjoy many steepings


4 g.12
use room temp. waterrefrigerate overnight
(8 to 12 hours)
add ice & enjoy

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