Although they care for some of the oldest tea trees in Yunnan, most of the members of the Zhenyuan Dongsa cooperative high in the mountains of Qianjiazhai is surprisingly low key about brewing. Their leaves are so full of flavor and aroma, finished without extra heat in the mountain sun, that they prefer the simplest, least intrusive brewing possible. 

Mr. Zhou believes in drinking tea on the go and in the great outdoors, so he recommends a portable, easy-to-use set. The all-in-one brewer is perfect for saving and resteeping leaves all day, while the small fluted cups and the mini tea board are each portable and low profile.

This set is convenient and easy enough to use that it lets the tea do all the talking.

Includes one (1) Xiangfu all-in-one brewer, one (1) pair of small fluted tea cups, and one (1) mini circular tea tray.