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Produced By Dongsa Cooperative

The Qianjiazhai Dongsa Cooperative was established to be a steward to the oldest tea forest in the world, wild-foraging and hand-finishing every leaf using traditional craft.

Tasting Profile

  • FRUITY – apricot
  • SPICY – nutmeg
  • FLORAL – tulsi blossom
  • SAVORY – sweet potato
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QianjiazhaiMt. Ailao, Yunnan
Qianjiazhai AssamicaTea Varietal

Available pressed into 100g cakes, this unique black tea is not roasted over heat like Dian Hong, but allowed to oxidize and dry naturally in the Yunnan springtime sun. Because heat is never applied, natural moisture is retained in the finished tea, which gets sweeter and more complex over years of aging like sheng pu'er. This tea is wild foraged from about three hundred to eight hundred year old trees and produced by hand.

" However much moisture the tea wants to release, that is how much evaporates…. If you roast it at high temperatures, you are changing what it wants. The tea wants to hold on to a little moisture, but the [high] heat forces it out...... "

Steeping Instructions


4 g.6-8
use 208° watersteep 20 secondsresteep many times
add 10 sec. each infusion


5 g.6  oz.use 208° watersteep 6 seconds
add 3 sec. per steeping
enjoy many steepings


4 g.12
use room temp. waterrefrigerate overnight
(8 to 12 hours)
add ice & enjoy

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