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Crafted By Zhao Gang

This charming shi piao was hand built and meticulously hand-finished by artist Zhao Gang. The Hong Jiang Po Ni has a coarse mottling and beautiful texture perfect for picking up deeper luster over years of use. The Shi Piao is one of the most traditional forms, but Zhao Gang has given this a unique touch with the wide spout for a fast pour, the strong lines, and the distinctive feet.

Technical Specifications

  • clay :Hong Jiang Po Ni
  • form :Shi Piao
  • capacity :121 cc
  • pour time :5.4 s
  • diameter :8.25 cm
  • spout to handle :11 cm
  • height :6 cm
  • lid diameter :5.5 cm
  • weight :108 g
  • artist certificate :included
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