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Crafted By Wu Saixiang

Wu Saixiang brings an elegant and poised finish to the traditional li xing or pear shape with a tall swooping spout and a handle that curves back off the body at the end to balance off the spout. The lid curves seamlessly into the pear form. Wu Saixiang selected a deep red Jiang Po clay to give this teapot a strong presence, and prepare it to build an even deeper luster and patina over a lifetime of use.

Technical Specifications

  • clay :Hong Jiang Po Ni
  • form :Li Xing
  • capacity :168 cc
  • pour time :10 s
  • diameter :7.5 cm
  • spout to handle :11.5 cm
  • height :9 cm
  • lid diameter :4.75 cm
  • weight :141 g
  • artist certificate :included
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