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Crafted By Lai Xiaohong

This teapot was exquisitely hand built by award-winning artist Lai Xiahong using a fine di cao qing clay full of complexity and mottling. This pot features a meticulously detailed cicada perched on swaying grasses. The strainer is generously fine and well-incorporated for a fantastic pour. Lai Xiaohong crafted this teapot for a lifetime of use, selecting and hand-blending a clay that will continue to grow more and more lustrous over each brewing session.

Technical Specifications

  • clay :Di Cao Qing
  • weight :150 g
  • capacity :186 ml
  • pour time :13.75 sec
  • spout to handle :11.5 cm
  • height :7.5 cm
  • diameter :7.5 cm
  • lid opening :5 cm
  • artist certificate :included
  • form :Sang Bian (Mulberry)


Lai Xiaohong


Lai Xiaohong was born in 1979 in the pottery capital of the world, Yixing. She has been working with yixing pottery for many years. Lai Xiaohong was trained under the watchful eye of top recognized master craftswomen Jiang Feng, growing under her mentor’s strict and intense feedback. Later, she trained under many other top masters, gaining a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the craft. 

Over the years, Lai Xiaohong has developed her own unique style and identity in her clay pots. She works with a wide range of subjects, designing original pieces filled with meaning and deep subtext. Through her pieces, Lai Xiaohong seeks a modern aesthetic and culture for zisha yixing devotees. The result is outstanding and noteworthy.  Her work explores new forms and styles that look towards the goal of a strong aesthetic for Yixing that is, at the same time, gentle and full of grace, deep and expressive. 

Lai Xiaohong has been part of many national and international exhibitions, and has received many honors and awards for her work in yixing.


Recent Exhibitions and Awards:

2009 “Feng Ming” Jiangsu Arts “Yi Bo Cup” Competition Gold Medal

2009 Awarded the 11th Chinese National Art Masters Bronze Medal

2011 “Yi Li Zhu” Gold Medal at the Shanghai National Folk Art Exhibition

2012 “Zhou Pan” Gold Medal Art and Craft Exhibition

2012 “Shi Piao” Jiangsu “Hai Long Cup” Masterwork Grand Prix awarded first place

2013 “Zhu Yun” Tenth Chinese Arts Festival Shandong Gold Medal

2013 “Xi Shi” Gold Medal fro original concepts at Chinese Arts and Crafts Culture Exhibition

2014 Featured in China People’s Daily  Special Arts Edition

2014 Featured in Yixing Pottery Masters Yearly Edition

2015 The Seventeenth Chinese Arts and Crafts Masters Exhibition, awarded Original Concept Medal

2015 “Wei Miao” Awarded Gold Medal at the Seventeenth Chinese Arts and CRafts Masters Exhibition for traditional fine art

2016 Awarded the historic Bai Hua Honor at China’s 12th Annual Arts and Crafts Exhibition

2016 “Yi Hua Yi Shijie” Gold medal at the “Da Di Cup”

2016 “Shan Zhu” Awarded at the 2016 Arts Exhibition Original Concept Gold Medal

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