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Crafted By Pan Yang

Pan Yang’s work is all about simple confident lines, perfection in detail and showing off rare and beautiful clay. He takes the time to smooth and finish a piece to perfection no matter what. This stunning elegant half moon shape is a graceful take on a traditional form. The swooping pot handle and fine lid handle, the perfectly fit lid, and balanced spout elevate this teapot. The bold clean face of the pot is the most dramatic statement. While many would be tempted to decorate or carve such a large face, Pan Yang lets the quality and subtlety of the clay itself be the star. The Yuan Kuang Zi Ni clay is ready to build a patina and luster with a lifetime of use.

Technical Specifications

  • clay :Yuankaung Zi Ni
  • apprx. capacity :341 cc
  • diameter :6.1 cm
  • spout to handle :16.3 cm
  • height :8.6 cm
  • lid diameter :2.8 cm
  • weight :248 g
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