This stunning set combines the work of Master Xiong, who has spent his life researching and reviving the Shui Ji Lao Long Yao kiln and producing true Jian Zhan, with the work of two brothers who studied the Japanese descendant of the early Song tradition in the form of Tenmoku glazing. Both techniques circle around the you di or oil spot style which produces deep black and iridescent silver spotted patterns during firing.

The gaiwan, two cups, and strainer come from Master Xiong and his son and law’s workshop, fired in an electric kiln using the same clay and glazing from teh same mountainside that Song dynasty potters used when they invented the style The equisite long-handled pitcher comes from the Su Ji or ‘remembrance’ kiln, two brother’s tribute to the work of both Song and Japanese potters over the ages.

Jian Zhan ceramics become deeper and more lustrous over time as they absorb tea oils. This set is ready for a lifetime of fine teas.


Materials: Shui Ji pottery and Song revival glazes
Kilns: Shui Ji Lao Long Yao Electric Kiln, and Su ji Tianmu Electric Kiln
Hand made: Entirely
Pitcher Capacity: 250 ml
Gaiwan Capacity: 150 ml
Cup Capacity: 60 ml
Includes: gaiwan, 2x cups, strainer, pitcher