Mr Weng, our partner in Hulin, grew up in Anxi producing technically demanding oolongs. He decided to move to Fuding and start a biodiverse plot of white tea, applying his rigorous technical skill to growing and finishing Da Bai varietal.

His tasting room is set up for Modern Gongfu without tea boards. This elegant and simple look complements the elegant taste and texture of white tea. Mr. Weng recommends porcelain gaiwans and cups to reflect the true aroma of the tea. He brews without a strainer so that each cup has the most suspended down from the buddy white tea as possible, giving bigger and fuller texture. The large gaiwan and pitcher make this set flexible enough to accommodate even very fluffy teas like Shou Mei or Bai Mudan.

Includes one (1) iris and hardwood gaiwan, two (2) iris and hardwood tea cups, two (2) woven bamboo coasters, one (1) rippled glass pitcher, one (1) carved seal tea boat, and one (1) reversible bamboo runner.