Li Xiangxi is the youngest of three siblings in an award-winning farming family with land in the Tongmu Preserve of Wuyishan. Li Xiangxi is an ordained Taoist priest and tea ceremony teacher with her own school in Wuyi.

She has put together this set as a great starting point to the essentials of modern gongfu style, a perfect way to enjoy the fragrance and intensity of roasted Wuyi oolongs or the texture and nuance of Wuyi black teas.

The Longquan high-fired porcelain gaiwan is paired with matching fragrance cups to focus on the aroma of tea before tasting. A contrasting celadon pitcher makes a bold statement and brings focus to the deep red color of the tea itself. Tea tools are introduced for a slightly more formal atmosphere and to encourage more mindful brewing and sipping. Tea boats and a runner are used as an elegant modern gongfu alternative to the tea board.

Includes one (1) yellow gilded porcelain gaiwan, two (2) yellow gilded porcelain aroma cups, one (1) simple celadon pitcher, one (1) hand woven bamboo strainer, one (1) woven bamboo rattan coaster, one (1) carved seal tea boat, one (1) green ceramic tea boat, one (1) bamboo tea tool travel set, and one (1) bamboo runner.