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Complete Travel Set

This convenient travel tea set is perfect for the tea lover on the move. Whether you're taking your tea to the office or just love to travel with tea, this set has everything you need to brew loose leaf tea for four! The set from Xiang Fu ( 祥福 / Stone Leaf Tea Set ) includes a brewing pitcher, four double-walled tempered glass bubble cups, bamboo tea board, tweezers & terry cloth - all packed into a stylish messenger bag!

Technical Specifications

  • Pitcher Capacity :150 ml
  • Pitcher dimensions :6.8 cm x 10 cm
  • Cup Capacity :30 ml
  • Cup dimensions :6.8 cm x 3.7 cm
  • cup material :tempered glass
  • tea board :bamboo
  • board dimensions :27.2x16.8x10.2 cm
  • tea board latch :magnetic
  • steeper material :porcelain + stainless steel
  • brewing pitcher :bamboo + tempered glass
  • includes :messenger bag case, tea board, 4 cups, brewing pitcher & insert, bamboo tweezers, tea cloth

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