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Crafted By Xiang Fu

This brilliantly-assembled essential gongfu set is everything you need to make the time and space for fine tea, wherever you may be. The set includes a fine lustrous porcelain gaiwan, edged with a warm natural band for contrast, three matching cups with just the right flare to bring out the aromatics of tea, a tempered glass pitcher to show off the color of the finished brew, a tea towel that doubles as a runner for a formal gongfu set up, and a plastic case to dump extra tea whose lid doubles as a tea boat for your gaiwan.

Everything packs into a hard case zip carrier that takes up less space than a single folded T-shirt. The perfect essential gongfu solution.

Technical Specifications

  • weight :580 g
  • gaiwan capacity :~225 ml
  • cup capacity :~35 ml
  • lid height :2.5 cm
  • lid diameter :7 cm
  • bowl height :6 cm
  • bowl diameter :9.25 cm
  • total gaiwan height :8 cm
  • pitcher height :6 cm
  • pitcher diameter :9 cm
  • cup height :3 cm
  • cup diameter :6 cm
  • case dimensions :13 x 9 cm
  • includes :pitcher, gaiwan, three cups, stand / water bowl, tea cloth, carry case

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