Aroma cups – also known as fragrance cups, or wen xiang bei – are simply designed to capture a tea’s aroma to make it easier to appreciate your brew’s fragrance.  Their unique shape makes them ideal for appreciating especially aromatic teas, which makes them popular to use with Anxi Tieguanyin and rolled oolong teas and Taiwanese rolled oolong.

Whether you’re adding a little flair to your tea ceremony or just looking for a more disciplined way to evaluate tea, paired aroma cups are easy to use.

Brew your tea, then pour into the tall aroma cup. Next, take the paired sipping cup, and place it upside-down on top of the aroma cup. Carefully pick up the aroma cup and sipping cup, then flip the whole thing over in one smooth, fluid motion. Finally, lift the aroma cup up to allow the tea to pour into the sipping cup.  With the tea poured out, the fragrance of your brew lingers and stays behind in the aroma cup. The tall shape helps capture and lock in that fragrance, allowing you to enjoy the aroma fully.

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