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Crafted By Xiang Fu

This hand made cup is a fine example of modern design and shape with gilded gold edge and daring imperial yellow glazing, plus a bamboo saucer for use with or without a tea board. The saucer is painted white on the underside for a striking contrast. This Longquan porcelain has a lustrous bright white interior to show off the color of tea. The tall shape highlights aroma like fragrance cups. Xiangfu is becoming a leader in teaware design with forward-thinking modern pieces in bold color made not to replicate traditional forms, but forge a modern toolset for the way gongfu tea is practiced today.

Technical Specifications

  • apprx. Capacity :90 ml
  • hand made :entirely
  • kiln location :longquan
  • firing temp :1200°C
  • cup diameter :6 cm
  • cup height :5 cm
  • saucer length :9 cm
  • saucer :bamboo
  • includes :cup, saucer

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