Our friends at the Xingyang Pu’er Workshop do some of the cleanest most technically precise fermentation we have seen.

Their brewing recommendations are unique among all of our partners as they prefer a full minute brew of their shu pu’er. Such a long brew requires a larger gaiwan and thicker pitcher to help retain as much heat as possible. The purple Longquan porcelain gaiwan and cups are non reactive high-fired pieces that deliver the true, sweet aromas of fine shu pu’er. The Longquan celadon pitcher is a beautiful color contrast, while the tea board catches any drips and the first wash.

Includes one (1) purple gilded gaiwan, two (2) purple gilded cup and saucer tea cups, one (1) traditional celadon pitcher, one (1) hand woven bamboo strainer, and one (1) circular bamboo tea tray.