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Crafted By Zhu Huan

The shi piao is one of the strongest and most elegant classic forms for an yixing teapot. Artist Zhu Huan brings her skill and aesthetic to this classic with a bold and perfectly balanced shi piao, left simple and unadorned to show off a stunning clay. Zhu Huan’s yuan kuang qing duan clay is full of so much speckling and depth that the unadorned faces of the pot give it an even more commanding presence. Note the scattered dark flecks of clay occasionally dotting the surface alongside the constellation of lighter warmer flecks. This piece was meticulously hand-built to grow a stunning patina over a lifetime of use.

Technical Specifications

  • clay :Yuankuang Qing Duan Ni
  • apprx. capacity :200 cc
  • diameter :100 mm
  • spout to handle :135
  • height :60 mm
  • lid opening :40 mm
  • weight :177 g
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