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Long Handle Contemporary Glass Pot

Long Handle Contemporary Glass Pot


Crafted By Ming Xin Tang

This large modern-style teapot from Ming Xin Tang features a unique design with two different glass inserts: a generously-large brew basket to give your leaves plenty of room to infuse as you watch them unfurl, and a bonus pourover glass insert designed for pour over or to continuously steam your tea leaves and drip down over low heat. The wood handle makes for an elegant pour as you show off your finest teas.

  • Technical Specifications

    • weight : 446 g
    • Apprx. Capacity : 700 ml
    • spout to handle : 10.75 cm
    • height : 11 cm
    • diameter : 11.5 cm
    • lid opening : 9 cm
    • material : tempered glass
    • care : hand wash


    The bonus pour over insert is a special bonus gift from Ming Xin Tang meant to show off a newly-popular texture-focused brewing style.

    This insert allows you to do your own pourover gongfu-style tea in a big pot. It is inspired by the up-and-coming steam-percolation technique, but we don't recommend steam percolation unless you have appropriate glass or or ceramic top electric heat elements made for heating glasswares over low heat

    Never heat the tea pot on medium or high heat and never use directly on gas stoves, or the teapot may shatter. Even high quality tempered borosilicate glass is sensitive to higher heats. Use on high heat or gas ranges is dangerous

    To use the percolator insert without a special ceramic heat element, we recommend packing leaves in tightly at the top and treating the element as a pour-over, pouring over packed fine leaves in a thin slow stream.

    You will get a similar effect once the leaves are opened up as long as you pour slowly enough.

    Use more tea than usual to fill the brew basket. Prime the leaves with a bit of hot water to get them expanding and discard the rinse.

    Then pour a thin stream of water over the leaves in a circular motion to slowly fill the pot with your pourover brew. Pour into serving cups and enjoy, repeating many times to enjoy the way brew changes as the leaves continue to expand.

    All the flavor and aroma complexity of Gongfu brewing, but in a big pot!

    Recommended Pour Over Teas:

    1. 2022 Laoshan Goji Leaf Tea
      2022 Laoshan Goji Leaf Tea

      A member of the Solanaceae family, the caffeine-free Goji berry plant (Lycium barbarum) grows wild across Northern China - including on the slopes of Laoshan in Shandong. Though the plant is most famous for its berries, its dried leaves have been a part of traditional medicine in China for centuries. Early this spring, the He Family foraged young and tender spring goji leaves and carefully finished them with green tea processing and an open leaf style. We are so excited for the opportunity to share this another experimental tea from the He Family!

    2. 2022 Shi Feng Dragonwell
      2022 Shi Feng Dragonwell

      This famous tea is grown using beyond organic green tea cultivation techniques for rich sweet flavor, incredible texture and notes of bamboo and jasmine. Situated on a perfectly-shaded mountainside, Li Xiaoping’s Dragonwell benefits from Shi Feng’s unique climate, rocky quartz soil and sweet mountain springs. Her craft captures a rare example of true Dragonwell- deep minerality, persistent sweetness and complex aromatics.

    3. 2022 Jin Jun Mei
      2022 Jin Jun Mei
      Jin Jun Mei Wuyi black tea is one of the most labor intensive and demanding teas to produce. Fine Jin Jun Mei is made exclusively from tiny spring buds, and requires thousands and thousands of hand-picked golden buds to make a single pound of finished tea. The result is a downy tea with a thick full texture, and a beautiful elegance. Li Xiangxi's spring-fed tea grows out of rocky, sandy soil, yielding a rich mineral flavor true to Wuyishan's unique terroir.

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