Verdant Tea

Craftsmanship in Anxi Oolong

Craftsmanship in Anxi Oolong

Craftsmanship in Anxi Oolong

Going beyond terroir with Master Zhang

June 16, 2017

"Tea requires sky, earth, and people to come together as one... These flexible and organic things are hard to completely control. It takes a mutual agreement with the tea. You can't just demand it." - Master Zhang
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In his own words, Master Zhang speaks about the way that the air (sky), the place (earth), and the people need to come together as one to make truly great tea. From gaining the experience needed to be flexible with changing weather conditions, to the way you need to work with a tea to coax a specific aroma from the leaves, his insights into the craft of making tea are full of nuance and thoughtful care – just like his teas.

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