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Traditional Gongfu Tea Tasting Set

Traditional Gongfu Tea Tasting Set


Crafted By Peng Yuan Qing Hua

This tea set is inspired by the professional tea setups used at fine teahouses in Xiamen, one of the biggest cultural centers for oolong tea in the world, and central to all of Fujian’s abundant tea - from Tieguanyin to white tea and Big Red Robe.

A high-fired, hand-painted porcelain gaiwan brings out deep and true aromatics in your tea, while aroma cups allow you to enjoy those aromatics to the fullest.

A beautiful, carved, hardwood draining tea board is there to catch any drips or rinses during long tea sessions, and provides a beautiful contrast with the glowing and nearly translucent porcelain.

Gaiwan Capacity: 160 ml

Pitcher Capacity: 200 ml

Cup Capacity: 60 ml

Tea Board: 60cm x 20cm x 3cm

Includes: tea board + draining tube, gaiwan, pitcher, (2) aroma tea cup sets with saucers


This Xiang Fu Workshop tea board is a traditional draining tea board, meant to be used with its included draining tube.

Empty this board of all tea and leaves after use, and allow the board dry completely between sessions. 

Do not leave wet overnight. Leaving boards wet for extended periods of time can cause wood to warp or crack, and standing water may become unhygienic.

Before use, make sure the water tube is firmly affixed to the draining spigot. Use a water-tight container to catch the water coming out of the tube. Use the tube on its own, or cut your tube just below the edge of your table, and insert the pump between the two cut ends of the tube. Squeeze the pump to encourage water to begin draining down the tube.

Hand wash with warm, soapy water and a gentle sponge, then air dry completely or wipe dry with a soft cloth.

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