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    • That will definitely help. I have seen that used in China pretty frequently. I know that it is common now to just put bamboo charcoal into water for a few minutes and call it filtered, but even better is to get charcoal-based filter systems that the water runs through.

      • I was considering the environmental impact of reusing an item which is abundant as fuel but I suppose that is negated if one considers the transportation of importing a foreign item. I will continue using my carbon filter for home but bamboo charcoal could be handy on camping trips.

  1. This is really terrific. I do this–sort of. Pyrex measuring cup–small amounts of water, lots of tea leaves and very short steeps strained from one cup to another with whatever happens to be handy, cos I am moving fast! All of this is about to change soon with new tea ware! I am very excited. Also, I live in the country on the side of a small mountain. I have a spring fed well and I use this water for my tea. I have tried purchasing spring water and I have also tried water that is filtered. I like my well water the best.

  2. This is why I love David Duckler, Because he keeps it real! understanding that not everybody has the proper tools and cups and all that, but is willing to show you how to improvise and still make it beautiful, traditional and stylish without compromising flavor or the integrity of the tea!

  3. It’s also worth noting how inexpensive gongfu teaware can be – I bought a gaiwan in SF’s Chinatown for $6, and the small cups were $1 each. The strainer and pitcher were about $2 each. This stuff isn’t expensive and they’ve paid for themselves 1000 times over. I’m sure most major cities have Chinese markets where these items would be available and inexpensive

  4. Katherine

    I never thought of using a fork to strain the leaves. It’s brilliant, While I’ve been doing my own makeshift gong fu style brewing very similar to this post I’ve always assumed I needed a small strainer but this makes tea making while traveling much easier.

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