Verdant Tea

Wooden Slats Folding Travel Set

Wooden Slats Folding Travel Set


Crafted By Xiang Fu

This convenient travel tea set is perfect for the tea lover on the move. This elegantly-conceived travel set comes in its own linen travel bag. The black frame around the set doubles as a handle. The set unfolds in half, and each half is covered with wooden slats to create a generously large tea board with draining reservoir. The fragile porcelain comes in a special foam case with its own strap. The porcelain brewer can double as a pitcher when brewing with its metal strainer insert to allow leaves to be easily removed when steeped. A fourth larger cup can double as a strainer holder. This set is the perfect complete solution for any space-conscious brewing or tea on the go.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Brewer Capacity : 200 ml
    • Brewer height : 7.5 cm
    • Brewer diameter : 9.75 cm
    • Pitcher dimensions : 6.8 cm x 10 cm
    • Cup Capacity : 32 ml
    • Cup dimensions : 6.25 cm x 3. cm
    • tea board : bamboo
    • board dimensions : 23x16.17x4.75 cm
    • cups : porcelain
    • brewer : porcelain + stainless steel

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