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Xingyang Pu'er + More Discovery Kit

Xingyang Pu'er + More Discovery Kit

thru 11/27

This bundle includes three tea-stuffed mandarins and six 25g bags of pu'er for 175g total (about 35 sessions).

This kit is a chance to taste Xingyang's award-winning clean fermentation style and meticulous blending craft, including mini tuocha, loose leaf gong ting shu, Yue Guang Bai white tea and tea stuffed mandarins.

This bundle includes six tea-stuffed mandarins and five 25g bags of pu'er for 150g total (about 30 sessions).

This kit is a chance to taste Xingyang's award-winning clean fermentation style and meticulous blending craft, including aged sheng pu'er, mini tuocha, loose leaf gong ting shu, Yue Guang Bai white tea and tea stuffed mandarins.

This bundle includes three tea-stuffed mandarins, one 100g pressing
and five 5g pressing of pu'er for 140g total (28 sessions).

This selection of unique shu pu'er offerings from Xingyang Workshop premiered in the March 2021 Tea of the Month Club.

This kit is a chance to taste Xingyang's award-winning clean fermentation style and meticulous blending craft, including individual mini-cakes, a full 100g brick for aging, and pu'er stuffed mandarins.

Here is an excerpt from the original club introduction:

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, the Pu’er industry went through some real growing pains. On the one hand, more open trade and relaxed policies on commune farming paved the way for individual workshops to succeed. On the other hand, the few established factories like Xiaguan and Mengku were drifting away from quality towards quantity in order to fulfill the new, fast-growing demand.

Xingyang was a scrappy newcomer to the game - founded by Wu Wei and several other leading craftsman, Xingyang’s founders left the big factories when they became disillusioned with the industry. They formed Xingyang to champion immaculately clean, carefully sourced tea, forming deep partnerships with farmers in Ailao, Wuliang, Honghe, and Yiwu. Instead of investing in ad campaigns, Xingyang invested in the people growing the tea and in their own workshop. Over the last 30 years, they’ve stayed small, but they have made a name for themselves, winning recognition for their clean and sweet pu’er teas.

The three teas in this tasting kit are currently available only as a part of this special tasting kit.

Explore Xingyang's Pu'er Craft: 

Xingyang 2002 Golden Leaf Shu (25g)

This tea is Xingyang's crowning achievement. It is made with big leaf picked from ancient wild trees. The loose leaf is stored and slowly fermented in low moisture over one year and finished in 2003 for another eleven years of dry fermentation before being packed in 2014. The result is the sweetest, cleanest and deepest shu pu'er we have tried. This tea can be steeped over twenty times and yields a beautiful clear brew with a deep forest flavor and lingering aftertaste.

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2007 LQ888 Wuliang Ailao Sheng (25g)

This sheng is a lovely example of Xingyang’s blending skill. By combining the classic sweet and woody sheng flavor of Wuliang leaf material with the more wild and exotic flavor of Ailao Shan, they have created a nuanced, well-balanced cake with a creamy mouthfeel, foresty accents and lingering floral and fruit aromas.

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Xingyang Golden Buds 2008 Shu (25g)

This is an incredible cake made entirely of leaf material normally reserved for fine golden buds Yunnan Black. The buds are slowly and cleanly fermented before being stone-pressed into loose cakes for further aging. The result is sweet and savory like fine Jin Jun Mei, but with the deep forest complexity of fine shu pu'er. Thick, commanding and singular, this is a cake to invest in and enjoy for many years.

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2008 KT952 Loose Leaf Shu (25g)

This tea is made from tiny spring buds from old growth tea trees and fermented for a clean and smooth flavor. Xingyang is proud that ten years of age on this tea will taste more like a twenty year pu’er because of the quality leaf material and slow meticulous fermentation process. The result is deep, herbaceous and cooling with a lingering aftertaste.

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2006 KT988 Shu Tuocha (25g)

This convenient tuocha is pressed in 3g quantities to reflect Xingyang’s preferred brew method of less leaf, cooler water and long steep times to bring out the rich texture in their tea. This tuocha uses Xingyang’s special Gong Ting leaf material and yields a rich osmanthus sticky rice flavor.

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Black Tea Stuffed Mandarin (3)

While pu’er stuffed citrus has been taking off in popularity across China, Xingyang is exploring the black tea and citrus pairing in this inspired little mandarin orange. The rich savory flavor of the Yunnan Black pairs with the bright tropical citrus perfectly. Early steepings are rich and tropical with brown sugar and tangerine citrus dominating, while later steepings become cozy and full of cinnamon orange spice as the black tea starts to dominate.

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Yue Guang Bai Mini-Cake (28g)

This winter-harvest white tea grows semi-wild in Yunnan. Xingyang Workshop has pressed the buddy leaf material into discs divided into single-steeping wedges for convenience and aging. Yunnan Da Bai varietal white tea has the potential to take on incredible depth and texture from its surroundings, and as a wild arbor harvest, this tea is packed with herbaceous mineral-driven complexity. Perfect to enjoy now or age for years to bring out deeper darker flavors and aromas.

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2017 Jingmai Shu Pu’er 100g Brick (100g)

This full brick gives you a chance to really get to know a tea, and set some aside for aging. The unique sweet sarsaparilla flavor of this beautiful Jing Mai Shan pu’er is a real delight. You can break off one piece for a larger gaiwan or pot, or a half piece for a small personal gaiwan or teapot. Don’t miss the mineral-laden sparkle in the texture and the deep juniper forest notes that complement the “root beer” like sarsaparilla and molasses.

2014 Qiao Mu Shu Pu’er Mini-Brick (5 x 5g pressings)

This 5g mini-brick from Xingyang workshop utilizes Qiao Mu or wild arbor leaf. This designation refers to groves that have been untended long enough to reach a natural state, including deeper biodiversity, and larger plants with deeper roots (and lower yields). This mini-brick provides a great contrast with the Jingmai brick, as it moves entirely in a different direction towards bright fruit and fresh mint. Hibiscus is prominent, with an underlying sticky rice and buckwheat honey note. This is a great testament to the range that Xingyang can achieve through their careful blending and slow fermentation process.


Shu Pu'er Stuffed Mandarins (3)

Xingyang has recently started using delicate pu’er bud material to stuff little aromatic mandarins. The tea itself is aged dry for several years, and then, when it is just right, the leaves are stuffed into a fresh hollowed out orange rind which infuses the tea with its deep complex araotics and continues to age. Look out for notes of cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and of course, candied orange peel, along with a deeper “hot cocoa” undertone. Note- These stuffed oranges are pretty big for a single brew session unless you are using a very large pot. Feel free to break the mandarin in half for a single session.

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