Yu Lu Yan Cha Tasting Journal

April 5, 1800

In 2012, we were pleased to offer the very first experimental harvest of this incredible, innovative tea from Wang Yanxin.  Her first experiment yielded a completely new kind of black tea that combined the best chocolatey notes of Laoshan Black with the crisp texture and honey aftertaste of Jin Jun Mei.

Fresh young Xinyang Maojian leaves are oxidized traditionally over three days and hand roasted in Laoshan Village as a black tea. The Spring harvest of this ingenious tea finds the perfect balance of chocolate notes, honey, and silky smooth texture. Closest to a fine Jin Jun Mei in profile, this collaborative tea continues to prove that the world of tea is still young with room for innovation everywhere.

The aroma evokes deep roasted sweet potato, apples and light vegetal notes. The first sips immediately evoke maple syrup and sugar cookies. The delicious dessert flavor is perfectly balanced with crisp, almost Darjeeling-like vegetal black tea flavor, followed by a vanilla aftertaste.

The name Yu Lu Yan Cha (豫鲁燕茶) comes from the ancient names of Henan and Shandong province. Yu (豫) is Henan, and Lu (鲁) is Shandong. To commemorate this landmark cooperative tea producing effort, Yu Lu (豫鲁) is added to the tea name. Yan (燕) is the first part of Wang Yanxin’s name, honoring her innovation in creating this new tea.


2019 Yu Lu Yan Cha


2017 Spring Laoshan Black

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2019 Jin Jun Mei


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