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Centerpiece Wooden Gongfu Tea Board

Centerpiece Wooden Gongfu Tea Board


This heavy tea board ships for free to the United States.

Because all orders of tea and teaware over $39 ship for free, this heavy tea board ships without any additional cost to tea lovers in the United States, and to international destinations based its weight.

Crafted By Xiangfu

If you have gongfu tea every day, you might have a whole table devoted to your tea set up. If so, this centerpiece board is the perfect piece to serve as a backdrop to all your beautiful cups and teapots.

This large tea board can facilitate big group gongfu tastings or side-by-side comparisons where you might have multiple gaiwans going at once. Or it can serve as a beautiful display for your prized Yixing between uses. No matter the set up, this board is ready to help create incredible gongfu sessions.

You can either let water drain to the built-in hidden tray, or you can connect the included pump and tube to drain water to a larger basin.

  • Technical Specifications

    • weight : 3.86 kg
    • length : 75 cm
    • width : 30 cm
    • height : 4 cm
    • tray : convertible
    • drain : with tube and pump


    This Xiangfu Workshop tea board is a convertible gongfu tea board and can be used as a stand alone tea tray,  or – if used with the included draining tube – this board can be used as a traditional draining tea board.

    Empty this board of all tea and leaves after use, and allow the board dry completely between sessions.

    Do not leave wet overnight. Leaving boards wet for extended periods of time can cause a board to warp or crack, and standing water may become unhygienic.

    If using as a tea tray, do not overfill the board or leave standing water in the tray for extended periods of time.

    If using as a draining tea tray, make sure the water tube is firmly affixed to the draining spigot. Use a water-tight container to catch the water coming out of the tube. Use the tube on its own, or cut your tube just below the edge of your table and insert the pump between the two cut ends of the tube. Squeeze the pump to encourage water to begin draining down the tube.

    Splot clean or hand wash the board with warm, soapy water and a gentle sponge. Remove the tray and hand wash seperately from the board, then air dry completely or wipe dry with a soft cloth.

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