Verdant Tea


Our 2023 Black Friday & Cyber Monday holiday weekend deals are now complete - thank you so much!

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11.27.23 only

25% off all Pu'er teas
Over a dozen cellar offerings
from Banzhang, Yiwu, and Qianjiazhai
Aged as far back as 20 years!
+25% off White Tea and Oolong Cakes!

11.24 - 11.27

20% off all tea ware
Over 20 new Yixing teapots
introducing Wood-Fired Porcelain
Over 12 new hand made Jian Zhan cups,
plus new full tea sets + more just arrived

11.24 - 11.27

Earn Tea cash
$10 for any $60+ order
$25 for any $100+ order
PLUS tasting kits 20% off
and tea sets 20% off

11.24.23 only

20% off all Wuyi Teas!
20% off the whole teaware collection
including Yixing pots + Jian Zhan
+ Experimental Pottery from Yi Xuan
+ Autumn Harvests from Laoshan!

11.25.23 only

It's Oolong Saturday!
+20% off Huang Family Dancong
including a dozen fresh harvests!
+ 20% off all Anxi Oolongs
Autumn Tieguanyin has arrived!

11.26.23 only

20% off all Laoshan Teas
Fresh autumn teas are here
Special Harvest Green and Black
+20% off Mrs Li's Dragonwell
+ just-arrived Qimen Black