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Lai Xiahong’s work has always been close to nature; she excavates her own clay from sites deep in the mountains around Yixing, giving her time to contemplate the beauty around her. Hidden springs, deep forests, rocky hillsides, gnarled trees - Lai Xiaohong celebrates the beauty around her in this new collection.

This collection is a celebration of Lai Xiahong’s deep dive into natural form, The Forest Series. These pieces balance the soft details of nature like tiny burls, the texture of moss or the shape of bark, with a striking sense of perfection captured in her thin, light Golden Duan Ni clay.

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Qianjiazhai Sheng Pu’er 2021

New 2021 pressings premiere 11.30, including 300-800 year tree blends, individual dragon pearls, and single-origin single tree pressings from the 1300 year old tree at 24°16’13.6″N and 101°12’19.6″E

coming soon!

Qianjiazhai Shu and Black Tea 2021

Explore the Dongsa Cooperative’s sun-dried black tea from ancient tea trees and small-batch fermented shu pu’er, including 2014 cakes.

coming soon!

Qianjiazhai Crassicolumna 2021

Qianjiazhai is home to wild yabao, or camellia crassicolumna; the local wild trees are some of the oldest in theworld. Try the cooperative’s limited 2021 harvest caffeine-free crassicolumna shengyabao, and black tea.

coming soon!

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