Verdant Tea


Young Potter | China Arts and Crafts Sculptor Association Member
Established the Xiao Lan Jiang Sculptors Studio in 2011

Engaged in the arts for years, Zhao Yonghui has been devoted to the craft and research of hand-sculpted yixing. His work is meticulous and imbued with a lively energy. From working the clay, to concepting and building a form, Zhao Yonghui works with vision, knowledge and technical mastery, bringing all his skill to bear as he gives each form life.

Select Awards:

2008 Sculpture “Yinming Shenwu” won Beijing Olympic Park Urban Sculpture Design Award for Excellence

2009 Shenzhen International Design Exhibition award for most original sculpture

2012 Shanghai Sculpture Exhibition “Wang” Excellence Award

2013 “Sculpture Fu Shou Yan Nian” Guangzhou 1st Annual Guangdong Sculpture Exhibition Exhibitor

2016 Exhibitor at China’s Exploring Original Works of Young Artists Exhibition, awarded 3rd place for sculpture “Mu Zi Qing Shen”

May your Yixing
Be an object of joy
Not a commodity
Like a marriage
Brought together for love

Deep lustrous clay, persistent arduous craft
The charm infused by the artist
Meticulous hand sculpting and artistry
Standing by ancient craft and carrying it forward
This is the dream of Xiao Lan Jiang Studio

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