The best teas in the world
come from passionate small family farms.

Your support is what makes it all possible. We are working with our partner farmers to show you how grateful we are this holiday season with all new premieres, fresh autumn harvests, huge holiday sales and a stunning new yixing and teaware collection launching Friday, November 27th.

Across our site, you’ll find the latest and greatest limited new releases from our partners across China, deep new holiday discounts daily, all new handmade yixing teapots, and the opportunity to earn tea cash bonus gift certificates on every purchase.

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11.27.20 Only

+20% off all Wuyi Teas!
and teaware premieres at 20% off
including one-of-a-kind Yixing pots
+ all new 2020 autumn harvests
premiere from Laoshan and Anxi!


11.28.20 Only

20% off all Anxi Oolongs!
Fresh Autumn Tieguanyin
Rare cultivar Autumn harvests
Revival Style + Aged Oolongs
+ 20% off Liu Family teas


11.29.20 Only

20% off all Laoshan Teas!
Fresh Autumn harvests are here
Laoshan green and black teas
+ 20% off Mrs. Li Dragonwell
all while supplies last


11.30.20 Only

25% off all pu’er tea!
NEW 2020 Qianjiazhai harvests
Single-tree, crassicolumna and more
plus discounts from Wang Yanxin
savings on Xingyang and more

11.27.20 – 11.30.20

Earn Tea Cash:
$10 for any $60+ order
$25 for any $100+ order
PLUS tasting kits 20% off

11.27.20 – 11.30.20

20% off all tea ware!
Over 50 new Yixing teapots
all new Nixi pottery, Shangri-La runners
New porcelain, celadon, and more
Save extra on tea sets




Seventh-Generation Master Dangzhen Pichu hand sculpts every one-of-a-kind piece, blends his own clay foraged from the mountains of Nixi, and fires each piece in traditional outdoor bonfires. Learn more >>

Nixi Pottery is a uniquely Tibetan pottery whose gestural composition and deeply apparent connection to nature are prized above all else.

The ancient aesthetic of this 2000 year tradition is a rustic style with unique elements – from surface crackling and swirls of silvery patina to pitting and rough texture in the coarse clay.

This holiday season, we are thrilled to bring in a new collection of hand made Nixi potter from Dangzhen Pichu and his Shangri-La Longba Pottery Workshop.

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Lide Manzhaya Tibetan Incense

Lide Manzhaya is the most modern workshop for incense production in Yunnan, devoted to continuing and refining traditional Tibetan craft, preserving ancient methods without using any chemical additives; pure, clean and natural. Suitable both for lighting as incense and drinking as an herbal tea infusion, Lide Manzhaya uses the quality of ancient tradition and the precision of modern science to push the boundaries on the craft.

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by our partner farmers

Every month one, of our tea partners across China is given complete control over selecting the latest and greatest, the freshest and most exciting teas they want to share.

December’s club will be curated by our partners in Wuyishan, the Li Family. They will be filling your boxes with a special selection of Wuyi black teas for an exploration of decadent budset brews!  Club members will also receive an exclusive coupon to use on the entire Li Family Wuyi tea collection.

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Share the Tea Club as a gift, and get one month free for yourself!

New 2020 Dancong
from Award Winning
Huang Rui Guang





Qianjiazhai Sheng Pu’er 2020

New 2020 pressings premiere 11.30, including 300-800 year tree blends, individual dragon pearls, and single-origin single tree pressings from the 1300 year old tree at 24°16’13.6″N and 101°12’19.6″E


Qianjiazhai Shu Pu’er and Black Tea 2020

Explore the Dongsa Cooperative’s sun-dried black tea from ancient tea trees and small-batch fermented shu pu’er, including 2014 cakes and new tea flower pressed offeringsspecial sale 11.30


Qianjiazhai Crassicolumna 2020

Qianjiazhai is home to wild yabao, or camellia crassicolumna; the local wild trees are some of the oldest in theworld. Try the cooperative’s extremely limited 2020 harvest caffeine-free crassicolumna sheng, yabao, and black tea.

Our Commitments


Truly Sustainable Farming



Our partners strive to farm tea in harmony with their environments, leaving native vegetation and preserving wildlife habitats for a balanced ecosystem and healthier tea.


Beyond Organic

No pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers. Our partners utilize traditional techniques like crop rotation and organic solutions like canola and soybeans to maintain clean tea and truly sustainable fields for generations to come.


Economic Sustainability

Each of our partners sets their own prices. This way, each partner can afford to pour their lives into their work, and hand down a tradition to their children that is worth carrying on.


Community Reinvestment

Our partners are community leaders, founding cooperatives, starting schools, and inventing new techniques. When our partners make a name for their tea, the whole community benefits.


Mr. He shows off his fresh picked Laoshan tea




Real Partnerships  Real Tea
real transparency




Verdant Tea is founded on over a decade of relationship-building with farmers across China. That’s why our tea partners are our some of our oldest friends.

To us, transparency isn’t a buzz-word –
it is a code of conduct.

The He Family, tea farmers in Laoshan, co-founded and co-own Verdant Tea China. We believe real partnerships, collaboration, and advocacy are the future of our industry.

Read our challenge to the tea industry >>>



fresh tea  all year long



We pre-buy each harvest and air-ship our seasonal teas direct from the farm.

Our partners work hard, hand-picking and hand finishing every leaf. We want to share their teas at their peak of flavor, aroma and sweetness.

Explore the latest harvests >>



Our partners in China
are more than farmers.

They are industry leaders,
scientists and


Our partners’ points of view are rooted in a lifetime of experience, and their perspectives on tea, farming, and more are each valuable and unique. We hope you will listen to their interviews, read their stories, and hear their perspectives on the industry.