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Caravan Gongfu Tea Set

Caravan Gongfu Tea Set


Stunning, compact and elegant, this is a tea set built for special moments.

Starting with a celadon teapot and matching celadon cups, this set is accented with an ornamental tea board and rippling tempered glass pitcher. The Longquan porcelain glazed celadon has crystalline depth in the light, and contrasts beautifully with any tea. The cups are tall enough to truly accentuate the aroma of anything you brew, or double as old-school aroma cups paired with a wider sipping cup.

Materials: Longquan celadon, tempered glass
Pitcher Capacity: 170 ml
Tea Pot Capacity: 150 ml
Cup Capacity: 35 ml
Includes: gaiwan, 2x cups, pitcher, tea tray

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