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Feng Zi Ru "Solo Brew" Set

Feng Zi Ru "Solo Brew" Set

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Crafted by Feng Zi Studio

This beautiful tea set of Ru glaze teaware includes a handmade tea pot and sculptural tea cup.

Each piece is created by Feng Zi Studio, a collaboration between master Lin Defeng and master Guo Zhihao. Both award-winning craftsmen have long exhibition histories who decided to get together and start a kiln in Taiwan to faithfully revive the Song Dynasty Ru ware culture. 

Ru was first treasured for its creamy rich blues that evoked the sky, and Feng Zi studio delivers with glazes that feel as deep as they are rich, as smooth as they are lustrous under the surface.

These pieces were wood-fired at over 1100 degrees celsius to achieve their beautiful glaze. The results are a pleasure to hold and a beautiful contrast against the brewed tea to elevate gongfu ceremony.

Pair with your favorite pitcher or pour directly from the small pot into your cup.

Materials: Ru Yao

Gaiwan Capacity: 225 ml

Cup Capacity: 65 ml

Includes: tea pot, one cup

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