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Glistening Jade Ru Glaze Teapot

Glistening Jade Ru Glaze Teapot


Crafted By Peng Yuan Qing Hua

Glistening Jade is a little seen and difficult-to-perfect beautiful white Ru glaze. Ru is normally sky-blue, and achieving a glowing white inspired by jade using true Ru glaze techniques takes tremendous skill.

This Xi Shi form pot is perfectly shaped to accommodate any kind of tea, and show off the teas deep aromatics. The white forms a gorgeous contrast to the tea as you pour, and pairs effortlessly with porcelain, Jian Zhan, celadon, or blue Ru wares.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Weight : 256g
    • length : 15 cm
    • width : 9 cm
    • height : 7 cm
    • capacity :~186 ml
    • pour time : 13.75 s.
    • material : De Hua Porcelain

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