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Gongfu Gear Accessories Tea Set

Gongfu Gear Accessories Tea Set


Tea Set Accessories

Maybe you already have a perfect basic gongfu setup. This kit rounds up all the trimmings for serious gongfu brewing that you might not already have on hand - a cha he to present dry tea leaves and filter them into your teapot, a full set of tea tools, a tea cloth for catching drips or polishing your yixing between uses, and the critical water bowl for holding rinses or extra tea in a modern gongfu setup without a draining teaboard.

The creamy blue-green Ru glaze against the gold celebrates the tradition of bringing new life to old or damaged pieces through gold repair work. Modern collectors are repairing treasured teaware with precious metals so that they can be used in tea brewing the way the original artist intended. This gold work has spurred the growth of a new craft, adding adornment to the repairs - a modern dialog with ancient pieces. 

This Ru set draws on the goldwork tradition with a golden motif of its own, a contrast to the lightly-crackled Ru glaze itself.

Materials: Ru Yao stoneware

Pitcher Capacity: 200 ml

Gaiwan Capacity: 150 ml

Cup Capacity: 65 ml

Includes: gaiwan, (2) cups, pitcher

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