Verdant Tea

Jingdezhen Golden Spring Cup

Jingdezhen Golden Spring Cup


Crafted By Chun He Hui Guan

This stunning collectors piece from the talented artists at Chun He Hui Guan was entirely hand-made and hand painted, making every cup completely one of a kind. The highly vitrified high-fired Jingdezhen porcelain is perfectly non-reactive and more ideally suited than any other material to reflecting the true aromatics of a tea. The cup has been thrown so thin that light glows through the porcelain. The delicate meticulous hand painting brings in Chun He Hui Guan’s distinctive work with actual gold and a stunning deep red for fine but gestural and expressive young flowers - the first blooms of spring.

  • Technical Specifications

    • hand made : yes
    • hand painted : yes
    • capacity : 38 ml
    • cup diameter : 6 cm
    • cup height : 5 cm
    • weight : 40g
    • origin : Jingdezhen
    • material : porcelain, gold

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