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"Embroidered Flower" Jingdezhen Cup

"Embroidered Flower" Jingdezhen Cup


Crafted By Yong Jing Tang

The stunning detail work on this fully handmade tea cup truly sets it apart.

Unique fine motifs inspired by floral embroidery grace this translucently thin Jingdezhen tea cup in traditional blue and white (qing hua).

The high-fired porcelain amplifies the aromatics of your tea, giving your best brews a cup that makes them feel as special as they are.

  • Technical Specifications

    • diameter : 4 cm
    • height : 5.75 cm
    • weight : 43g
    • apprx. capacity : 45 ml
    • origin : Jingdezhen
    • hand made : completely
    • hand painted : completely


    "Each piece of hand made and hand painted Jingdezhen therefore

    represents a beautiful collaboration between many different artists

    and craftsmen. Through the work of a designer, the talents of many

    can be organized to produce beautiful works of art that fit into the

    palm of your hand."


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