Verdant Tea

Long Handle Ru Glaze Teapot

Long Handle Ru Glaze Teapot


Crafted By Peng Yuan Qing Hua

Jie Feng Studio’s adorable long-handle teapot is finished in sky-blue Ru glaze for a perfectly smooth look.

The long handle is perfect to protect your hand from the heat of the tea as you pour, while the pot body keeps everything at just the right temperature and accommodates any shape tea leaves.

This pot includes an optional braided lid string to secure your pot lid while pouring.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Weight : 256g
    • length : 15 cm
    • width : 9 cm
    • height : 7 cm
    • capacity :~186 ml
    • pour time : 13.75 s.
    • material : De Hua Porcelain

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