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Ritual Celadon Ewer

Ritual Celadon Ewer

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Longquan Celadon Tea Pot

The ewer is a traditional implement originally used for pouring rice wine at banquets and later adopted to tea ceremony. By pouring your boiling water in an ewer first, you can bring the temperature down to a perfect level for delicate green tea, white tea, or even buddy black teas. Plus, pouring from the ewer makes for a stunningly elegant presentation for deliberate gongfu tea ritual.

  • Technical Specifications

    • weight : 450 g
    • apprx. Capacity : 480 ml
    • pour time : apprx. 23 seconds
    • spout-to-handle : 14.5 cm
    • width : 8.5 cm
    • height:20.5 cm
    • lid opening:3.5 cm
    • material:Longquan Celadon
    • hand glazed : yes

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