Verdant Tea

Covered Celadon Mug

Covered Celadon Mug


Longquan Celadon Tea Mug

Sleek, modern and perfectly elegant, this is the ideal mug for "da bei" brewing. Simply add your favorite tea leaves directly into the cup and top off water throughout the day, letting the leaves sink to the bottom.

There is a beautiful lid to keep your tea warm between sips so you can enjoy it while you are reading or relaxing, which also doubles as a rest for your favorite permanent tea filter.

Hand-finished and fired in a traditional Longquan kiln, this celadon is highly vitrified like glass, making it a non-reactive material that helps bring out incredible aromatic depth in your tea.

  • Technical Specifications

    • weight : 444 g
    • apprx. Capacity : 285 ml
    • length : 11.5
    • diameter : 8.75 cm
    • height : 9.5 cm
    • material : Longquan celadon
    • hand glazed : yes

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