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Dragon & Phoenix Large Storage Jar

Dragon & Phoenix Large Storage Jar


Longquan Celadon Storage Jar

The evocative dragon and phoenix relief across this monumental celadon tea storage jar shows off the depth and luster of the glaze. Hand-finished and fired at a traditional Longquan celadon kiln, this tea storage jar is large enough for over a pound of most teas or several broken-up pu’er cakes - perfect for keeping your absolute favorite tea in easy reach, and lovely enough to make a permanent fixture on your tea table.

  • Technical Specifications

    • weight : 1.25 kg
    • diameter : 16 cm
    • height : 23 cm
    • lid opening : 9 cm
    • apprx capacity : 160 - 500g
    • material : Longquan celadon
    • hand glazed : yes

    This storage jar can comfortably contain up to about 500g of rolled teas (like Tieguanyin), about 450g of classic tea (like Laoshan Green or Laoshan Black), or just about 165g of fluffy strip-style teas.

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