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Ru Glaze Travel Brew Mug

Ru Glaze Travel Brew Mug

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Crafted By Jie Feng Studio

Jie Feng Studio creates exquisitely soft Ru glaze pottery, full of depth and light crazing. This clever brew mug packs into a protective travel case to bring on trips, take to work, or carry outside to the park.

The mug includes a lid and strainer so the tea stays hot while steeping and so that the strainer has a neat place to rest between infusions. The strainer holes are incorporated into the form to avoid the need for a plastic strainer mesh.

The gorgeous creamy blue grows deeper over time, contrasting against the crackling as the piece absorbs tea for a beautiful luster. This particularly fine Ru shows off a crystalline depth and subtlety that sets it truly apart.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Capacity : ~200 ml
    • height : 9 cm
    • mug height : 7.25 cm
    • mug diameter : 8.5 cm
    • infuser height : 6.25 cm
    • infuser diameter : 8.5 cm
    • saucer / lid height : 2.75 cm
    • saucer diameter : 9.5 cm
    • weight w/ case : 385g

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