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Ru Glaze Brew Mug

Ru Glaze Brew Mug


Crafted by Jie Feng Studio

This personal brew mug is all about the details - a strikingly generous strainer fine enough to keep small leaves out of your mug but well-designed enough to allow water to drain through quickly and efficiently.

The handle is a pleasure to hold with its decorative flare that makes for an easier grip, while the lid flips over to act as a stable saucer for your strainer between steepings. The weight and thinness of the cup itself makes it easy to sip tea and get the most out of its aromatics. 

The glazing and pottery work itself is the fine work of the Jie Feng Studio, pioneers in reviving old-school Song Dynasty style Ru. While Ru has gained immense popularity for its soft creamy look over the centuries, modern Ru usually falls short of its Song Dynasty predecessors with a flat-looking glaze and lack of luster.

The unique high-firing process and meticulous glazing work at Jie Feng Studio yields remarkably lustrous Ru with a crystalline depth and subtle crackling.

Materials: Ru Yao

Weight: 610 g

Capacity: 385 ml

Height: 13 cm

Width: 8.5 cm

Length: 13 cm

Packaging: Gift Box

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