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Handmade Lacquer Art Ru Tea Bowl

Handmade Lacquer Art Ru Tea Bowl


Crafted By Feng Zi Studo

Lacquer arts in China date back over three thousand years to the Shang Dynasty. This spectacular piece draws on ancient tradition, combining lacquer with classic Ru Kiln ceramics. 

While the oldest lacquer wares are made from turned and carved wood, dipped in countless layers of resin, the problem in bringing this ancient craft into tea culture is lacquer’s dislike of boiling water. Feng Zi Studio takes up the challenge, by making the cup material their stunning Ru, leaving the inside lacquer-free so that the cup can withstand generations of use.

The lacquer layer is built up over many applications, creating a soft smooth feeling, and a beautiful contrasting color to the blue Ru glaze. Shell inlay has always been a lacquer classic, but Fengzi takes tradition and makes it dreamy, swirling and perfectly modern.

The cup shape itself is wide and bowl-like to show off your tea.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Weight : 210g
    • width : 9 cm
    • Height : 5.5 cm
    • capacity :~150ml

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